Ten Horses for Snow Hare
An Epic Mojave Tale.

Some times a boy's love for a girl can make him do something foolish.
It can also make him a legend.

Vuunak=m qwevaqwev=
(Long Stride)
An extravagant boast sets Long Stride (a Mojave youth of 16) upon a journey towards a goal that must only lead to failure and death: to steal ten horses from the Anglos and Mexicans who have moved in and settled within the East Mojave desert.
Nicholas Grant As hard and tough as the rock he has mined since his youth, Nick Grant makes his way westward after being released from prison, to seek the source of the secret he carries in his saddle bag: a chunk of exquisite rose quartz thickly laced with gold.
Haly'aw hanupach
(Snow Hare)
Born of the "earth things" Haly'aw clan, the maiden Snow Hare speaks seldom but when she does, her words are worthy of remembering and study. Shunned because of her eccentric behavior, her best friend and her heart's desire is Long Stride.
Heber Clark Homesteading in Mesquite Valley, Heber Clark raises cattle and horses in the untamed and untainted Kingston Mountain Range. His hatred for horse thieves is only rivaled by his indifference to human life... when the humans are Indians.
Jeremy Kestrel The last words his father ever said, to anyone, were "Son, you're good for nothing." His father was wrong: Jeremy Kestrel is very, very good with a gun, which was also the last lesson his father learned. In the employ of Heber Clark, Jeremy Kestrel learns a final lesson of his own.
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